Wedding Timelines

There are a lot of timelines you need to follow when you take the walk down the aisle. And here at Sabrina's Wedding we like to keep you ahead of the curve with our in-depth timeline guide.

If you're already in the chaos that an un-organized wedding can be it is important to follow through the list and decide where you currently are. Then once you have found the place where you would most likely be if you had followed a timeline from the beginning you can either start from that point and work your way forward. Or if you aren't sure that you have done everything that needs to be done before you continue making plans you can go back and work those points off first.

However, you decide to go just remember that this is a timeline meant to help you plan your wedding highlights. It isn't a taskmaster you need to slave feverishly over. Just make sure you have the important parts covered and work the rest in where you can.

  1. Twelve to Eighteen Months Before Your Wedding

    1. Set a date for your wedding that works for you. More than 18 months in the future is a no-no.
    2. Create a wedding folder. This is where you will begin collecting all of your important documents, etc. Stay organized!
    3. Set your wedding budget and discus your expectations.
    4. Pick a theme for the wedding, or go traditional.
    5. Add an engagement announcement to your local paper.
    6. Make the initial arrangements for the wedding venue. This is important since you can eaisly run into scheduling conflicts if you pick a popular wedding venue.
    7. Pick out a wedding gown.
  2. Eight to Ten Months Before Your Wedding

    1. Choose the bridal party
    2. Hire the following people for your wedding. (Make sure to interview them carefully and ensure that they are aviaialbe for your wedding day.)
      • A Wedding Officiant
      • A Caterer for the Reception
      • A Wedding Photographer
      • A Band or DJ
    3. Pick out the bridesmaids dresses
    4. Put your guest list together
    5. Register at gift registries, either local or online
    6. Celebrate your engagement party
  3. Five to Seven Months Before Your Wedding

    1. Put your final guest list together
    2. Pick out the fitting wedding invitations for your theme and get the matching thank you cards
    3. Help any guest arrange accommodations if they will be traveling for further away.
    4. Select a wedding cake that fits your theme
    5. Start picking out your honeymoon and shopping for flights and hotels.
  4. Four Months Before the Wedding

    1. Pick your florist and discus possible floral arrangements
    2. Choose your wedding bands together
    3. Make sure you fulfill any required medical test or paperwork with your local government to obtain your marriage license. This will very by your state.
  5. Three Months Before Your Wedding

    1. Send the invitations out to everyone on your guest list
    2. Get the groom and his groomsmen fitted for tuxedos.
    3. Arrange for any rentals you need for the service or reception.
    4. Select your menu and discus it with the catering so they can begin making preparations.
    5. Hire a limousine for the wedding party to the ceremony and reception.
    6. Make preparations for your decorations. This includes both decorations at the ceremony and at the reception.
    7. Acquire gifts for your bridal party.
    8. Make an arrangement with your officiant to go over the details of the wedding.
    9. Ensure you have a valid passport if you will be traveling abroad.
  6. Two Months Before Your Wedding

    1. Take time to talk to the wedding band or DJ. Choose a playlist that fits the different segments of a wedding reception.
    2. Plan a rehearsal dinner. Make reservations if necessary.
    3. Confirm that the tuxedos have been reserved and that all measurements fit.
    4. Make any alterations to the wedding gown.
    5. Make an arrangement for the bridesmaids and flower girl to be fitted for their dresses.
    6. Make any arrangements for the pre-wedding parties.
    7. Place an order for your new address labels as a married couple. You will need these when your send your thank you cards.
  7. One Month Before Your Wedding

    1. Make a wedding program. It is now safe to say that most of the major changes have been made.
    2. File for your marriage license
    3. Make a final decision for your wedding accessories.
    4. Visit your hair stylist and make a concept for your hair, one that preferably works with your veil.
    5. Vist your make-up artist and have here compliment the hair style.
    6. Make the final decisions with the wedding venue and other service providers.
  8. Two Weeks Before Your Wedding

    1. Contact all of the guests that have failed to send their RSVP and see if they will be attending the wedding or not. The final count is need for your caterer to make their final preparations.
    2. Go and get your marriage license, most states expect you to pick this up in person and file it with your important documents.
    3. Make sure you have finalized all of the small points with the florist and band.
    4. If you are going to get married in a church make sure that the arrangements have been made on end.
    5. Handle all of the legal leg work that comes with getting married. This include name change, driver's license, and anything that will be invalid once your name changes.
    6. Ensure that the honeymoon reservations have all been made
  9. One Week Before Your Wedding

    1. Finalize all seating arrangements
    2. Ensure that everything fits properly, it can be torture spending the day in ill fitting clothing so now if the perfect time to make one last check.
    3. Ensure that you have made arrangements for guest traveling for out of state. This includes confirming hotel reservations.
    4. Make sure that you have packed for the honeymoon. You don't want to be doing this in the evening after your wedding.
    5. Make sure the people who will be in the wedding know when the rehearsal is.
    6. Collect all of the formal wear for the groomsmen and any accessories they may need.
  10. One Day Before Your Wedding

    1. Ensure that you have everything checked off your list
    2. Go and have your nails done
    3. Make sure that the best man has the wedding rings.
    4. Relax
  11. Your Big Day

    1. This one is in and of itself better suited for a separate timeline all together!