Waking to the Sounds of Country

April 9, 2016

Or, why I prefer the sound of a country wedding.

If you have ever been caught up in the whirlwind that is wedding planning then you will know how stressful some things can become. How, high some hurtles appear. And how important even the smallest details make themselves.

Everything from finding the right venues, shoes, accessories, to wedding paper seem like little battles that need to be won.

So what makes a country wedding easier, you may ask.

And the honest answer is nothing.

A wedding is a wedding. They will always be difficult but some can be more rewarding, relaxing, and overall pleasant than others.

And this is where a country wedding has all of the others beat in my opinion.

Don't Sweat the Details

Don't do it.

You can find the right decorations. You may already have them. There are plenty of options for country wedding invitations and related paper products.

The food nearly always takes care of itself when you celebrate a large family wedding in the country. And the venue has been there waiting for you, for your big day long before your birth.

Country Wedding Video Galleries

If you want to see some excellent examples of why a country wedding offers the elegance of a traditional wedding with the relaxed and invigorating nature of rustic charm. You will want to catch these incredible photo galleries. Click play and choose fullscreen for the most immersive experience, otherwise you won't be able to see all of the amazing photos very easily.

Today, you don't have to look far for inspiration. Many young couples have shared their wedding experiences, chronicled their journey and laid the ground work for others to build on. The

The Big Country Day

For many women, the wedding day is the most stressful. There are a couple of reasons why, and a couple more on top of that but here is the thing that a country wedding has going for it that other themes lack.

It offers the calming effects of nature.

Imagine this.

The sounds of serine silence lulled you to sleep. You wake early from a peaceful sleep. You wake up, refreshed. The light from the window gently seeps through the half closed curtains. The warm down comforter that had been so inviting and soothing the night before encourages you to stay for just a couple more minutes.

But you can't. You're too excited.

Standing up you pull back the curtains. The light has just begun to fill the shadows on the barn yard. The initial preparations made the day before catch some of the light and appear to shine. Everywhere you look you see the preparations for the wedding, the rustic trappings framing them beautifully.

You can hear the others begin to stir in the house.

Everything will focus on your walk to the altar that afternoon. And you can hardly wait.

I don't know anyone that doesn't think this is the ideal. Not just for a country wedding, but for any wedding you may find yourself in.


Before I close for today I wanted to address wedding catering a little more and how it pertains to a country celebration.

I stumbled across this article on The Knot and it struck me that more than half of the ideas were almost lifted one to one from a rustic wedding.

Go ahead and read the ideas they share. Here were the ones that jumped out at me, see if your list looks any different.

  1. Popsicle Cocktails
    This tasty treat brings back the days when you could hardly wait for the water to freeze.
  2. Classy Carnival Food
    If there is one wedding theme that I feel competes with today's topic it is the carnival theme.
  3. Dressed-Up Comfort Food
    Country weddings tend to put a lot of focus on wholesome comforting food. So why not make it the central theme?
  4. A Childhood Favorite
    This is another great idea. And just because it is a wedding, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy baked beans, chips and burgers.
  5. Cheese Wheel Cakes
    If you have a dairy in the area that makes its own cheese this option is definitely worth some consideration.
  6. Soup Shooters
    A clever and fun option this one surprised me the most for its creativity and fitting character.