About Sabrina's Wedding

Where do I start? Before you think I am just another one of those "big" wedding sites. It is important to know that I have been planning weddings for a very long time. And while I have only walked down the aisle once myself, weddings have been a very big part of my life.

When I say that I have been planning weddings for a very long time what I mean is that I have been thinking about the perfect wedding since I was a child. If you think that is cliché to plan your wedding for a very long time, then I must admit, I am very much a cliché. I love the idea of the perfect wedding. And I know that it isn't just achieveable, it is easily achievable when you know how to plan it properly.

And before you get frightened, just because it is a lot to plan doesn't mean that it is a lot of work. That is, after all the whole reason we plan in the first place, to reduce the amount of work that we need to invest into the unimportant things. And when you don't plan this can easily lead you adrift when you plan a wedding.

So if you wanted to learn a little bit about me that should tell you the important parts. To really get to know Sabrina's Wedding you just need to browse through our pages. The time spent here is both rewarding and enlightening.